Yard Work:

And not my own. Unfortunately due to the economy we have a number of forclosed homes in our area. In addition we have several deployed people in our neighborhood as well. So we (the board of the HOA and myself) got together on Saturday to pull weeds and clean up these yards. It helps us all with property values, and of course helping those who are deployed is just the right thing to do.

I was there for about 2 hours and then mommy duty called, but I did help with two of the 5 yards on the list for the day. :)

Tools of the trade:

This was house number two. The over growth was insane.


Jennifer said...

Oh cool, Heidi! Are you on the landscaping committee, or did you just help out?

Heidi said...

Nah, I just wanted to help. Haven't done much volunteering outside of the kids schools and thought it was time to spread my wings a bit. ;)