Family Movie Night!

One of my favorite PTA traditions at *S* is Family Movie Night.

Free popcorn. Cheap Soda. Cheap Pizza (pre-ordered you just go give your name and get your dinner), a movie on a big screen on the lawn.

Good times!

We went with the Durnan's last night and the Millers found us. We had a great time! All the kids watched a terrible movie and the grown ups chatted the night away. :)

You come a little early, get your spot set up and socialize while you wait for the sun to go down so you can see the screen.

Here is the view from our spot on the lawn:

Chairs for the grown ups, blankets for the kids! Perfect.

We were super early, and glad. The entire place was packed, there must have been about 400 people there! 


Helena said...

How fun!

**MIGNONNE** said...

That is the coolest idea ever! I would love that.

Jennifer said...

Wow, seriously, that's so fun!!