Dave Matthews Band: Chula Vista, CA 2010

Ah. Dave. My favorite singer of all time.

I just love his voice.

So for birthday this year tickets to his show in CA were purchased!

Jeff and Jen let us stay with them and their big lug of a dog Miles, and they went with us to the show.

The tricky part was getting there! I had freshman orientation at the UofA that I couldn't get out of until after 2pm. The drive to San Diego is about 6 hours. The show started at 7:30pm. You see our dilemma here?

So we fed ex'd the tickets to Jeff and Jen and then we got out of town around 3 and just drove like crazy.

We made it just in time to pay for VIP parking (Only $20. Hey! We lived in Chicago, this is all about perspective folks!)

We missed one song. That was it! Soooo happy!

Here is the set list:

  1. Big Eyed Fish
    Stay or Leave
    Write a Song
    Alligator pie
    Shake Me Like A Monkey
    What Would You Say
    Why I Am
    You & Me
    Two Step
    Some Devil
    Time Bomb
Tim Reynolds (He is so not my favorite edition to the band. >:/ )  Middle is Rashawn Ross  on the end is Carter. (He is such a cutie!)

Boyd Tinsley on violin:

Rashawn and Jeff Coffin. (He is *amazing* and can stay imo, unlike Tim)


Jeff and Jen: 

And my favorite pic of the night <3

Stefan moves too much and I couldn't get a good shot of him, they all were blurry. Bummer.

The other fun part of the night was the grandma tokin' and the drunk girl climbing the light tower in a mini skirt: (You can't make this stuff up!) 

Speaking of drunk girls! Two very obnoxious drunk girls plowed into Jen and I after the show when the tour busses were leaving! We got to see all the band head out up close in their buses. But right when Dave went past these two girls plowed into us. Knocked over the police tape and about knocked my camera out of my hand. Grrr.

But Jen said "Save the picture anyway!" So I did. And now you too can see a picture of Dave Matthews knee and elbow. 

So thanks lame drunk girls. You suck. 


Jennifer said...

So close!! But love the pictures anyway! Sounds like a great time! I'm so glad you made it there so fast and safe!!

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

This band brings me right back to high school. I always get nostalgic when I hear then.

ps. thanks for commenting for charity!