Today was insanely fun, but exhausting! The kids and I went to meet an old friend of mine (from 5th grade!) (in terms of time not age, we are the same age, and we know I'm not OLD). She brought along her wonderful husband and two boys who are just lovely! Such good boys and smart!

We spent the day having lunch, then going to a water splash park and then going to dinner together too!

First we stopped at Wendy's and we were a little ahead of our friends. My kids were *starving* (it had already been over an HOUR since their last snack, so you can imagine how they were shriveling up and practically dead by now) so we called and asked if they would mind if we ate right away and they said not at all.

So Evan doesn't normally like french fries and so I always order the fruit for him for his kids meals. Today he (of course) decided he wanted fries after the food came.

So I gave him some money and told him to go ahead and go buy some. He was a little shocked and hesitant but put on a brave face. Can you tell he was a little proud after his transaction?

The park itself was just beautiful. It's about an hour from our house, but I think we may make the drive again, it was really a great way to spend the day. The temps were in the upper 70's low 80's, not too humid...perfect summer day.


Katie said...

I don't see any water at the park.... :)

And where are pics of Patty and the kids?