Somewhere on the road between Tucson and Chicago, we pulled off the interstate for a gas station with no restroom. What!? Who designs these places. So we had to go on a bathroom hunt. I chose Starbucks. Shawn rolled his eyes, but stopped and Kira and I ran in. On the way out, my sweet girl after my own heart asked for some Chai tea. How can I resist that adorable little, I can, but I thought it would be rude to only order for myself and tell her no. (which is what I usually *do* but we were traveling...) So I of course then had to figure out what to do with Evan. Something chocolaty and "like" a milkshake was whipped up by our friendly barrista. He was thrilled.

When we got back to the van Shawn rolled his eyes further back in his head than before. Then Kira asked if she could text Aunt Brie.

So. Here are some pics of my kids, appearing to drink coffee while my make that *7* year old texts from her BOOSTER seat. (Now I'm rolling my eyes). But rather than put a stop to the insanity, I took pictures for scrapping and blogging. Never fear, I have my parenting priorities in perfect order. ;OP

Cheers! It's chocolate! It's "special"! It was really sticky to clean off the side of his seat two hours later...

And then there is this: Seriously? What more can possibly be said?


Crafty Creations said...

Too funny!! Love the pictures! You will get some great pages from them!!

Chris Durnan said...

Dalen is loving reading seeing the pictures of Evan on a blog!! Before Mom's blog was picture of him was just UNCOOL!!


Katie said...

LOL Heidi! I love this one! You are such an awesome mom :)

Marlene said...

LOL - gotta love a pre-teen pre-teen! And that darling little boy and his sticky chocolate messy drink! Tell Shawn to stop rolling his eyes back! They will stick that way! *grin*
Love you honey!