Blogger doesn't like me. Sorry about the weirdness below, I'm continuing up here because I have no idea how to fix that mess.

So seeing Patty and catching up was so fun. The best part about old friends is that no matter how long its been (7 years for us now) is that you just pick up where you left off. It's like no time has passed. We just started talking and hanging, and our kids got along great. Conversation just flowed. It was just so *nice* you know?

Kira and Michael took pics, here is what I got on my camera...

The kids also hit it off, though getting four kids to cooperate for a picture when 3 of them are male can prove interesting...

Then the kids just spent tons of time (we were there for four hours!) just playing on the splash pad and at the park.

Michael told Quentin that he thinks Kira likes him...that is unfortunate for Kira though, apparently Michael is taken. He is eight after all. ;)

Wrapping up the day, Michael, Kira, Evan and that little pink blob is Andrew. That whirlwind is *tough* to photograph! Mover and a shaker that little guy.

And one more with me in it, because you never see me. Not my favorite shot, but not the worst I've seen either.

Good night all!


Katie said...

oh! he he.... I stand corrected :)

Marlene said...

Just a bit impatient Katie? Sheesh! Thanks for the pics Heidi. You and Patty look so cute together, still! I'm so gald you have a friend so close up there! Her boys are such cuties! And Kira said this AM that she really liked Michael - and he's only a year older than her! :)
Looked like Evan and Andrew hit it off too! How fun! Did you feel a bit like you two were babysitting? That's how my friend and I felt when we met up when you and her daughter were still in highchairs! Freaky!
Love you all! Do a group hug!

nana mac said...

I am LOVING all the pictures you take Heidi!! Your blog is fun to visit! It's giving us a fun view of your new town!